Resources I used for developing this site

  • For navigation, I used this resource for building a navigation bar with TailwindCSS. Link:
  • For setting up sending emails from a form, I used the resource below for getting that working. Link:
  • For generating the cards for the projects section, I followed the link below for understanding the basics for mapping, and I chose to set it up to use a static index since thats something I didn't plan to have change dynamically. Link:
  • Used this for getting breakpoints to work with swiper
  • Used the example react portfolios below to help me get started with developing this website, and give me ideas for what I could do. I want to point out paytonjewell's specifically since I took a look at that one for inspiration on how to handle the data in my website.
    PaytonJewell's portfolio template
    React portfolio examples page
  • Used this blogpost from chinmaymhatre to implement the dark mode/light mode toggle